Stretch App

Drake University


This project was a part of the App Design course at Drake University, in which we had the freedom to develop our own concept for an app. After developing the concept behind the app, our groups did marketplace research to make sure there is enough data to show that there will be an audience for the app idea.

There also needed to be a marketing campaign on how to gain attention and generate traction by using ads, or other forms of advertisement.

My group came up with the idea of an app that allows the user to gain perspective based on cultural events near their location. The idea was to get the user to step outside of their comfort zone and try new activities they may have never experienced before. This includes cultural events, food festivals, dance events, and other activities.


Problem Statement: In an age where having new experiences is easier than ever, there should be a platform for facilitating these unique activities. Traveling the world and experiencing these new opportunities shouldn’t be expensive, it should be something you can discover in your local community.

The goal of Stretch is to connect local communities through events related to food, dance, entertainment and other activities. Throughout the branding and marketing of the app, we encouraged users to step outside of their comfort zone with unique activities designed to broaden their perspective on the community around them.

User Research:

Our target demographic for Stretch was millennials, since a majority of that group attend live events and share that experience on social media. Millennials now represent 1/3 of the national population, and 78% of them attended a live event in the last year. The audience also said that two things were important to them in terms of having positive change on society: connecting with one another in real life and the resulting expansion of perspective.


First Wireframe.png
The first draft of the wireframes only included basic placement of the content. 

User Flow:

User Flow.png
Creating a user flow for the app helped visualize the entire path a user could potentially take. 


In terms of how the app was created, the process was similar to how the first app was developed, which consisted of ideation, research, lo fidelity sketching, wireframes, prototypes, and then final revisions to the app. The app was made entirely in Adobe XD and Adobe Illustrator for some of the more detailed illustrations and icons throughout the app.


The branding used warm, energizing colors to give the user an inviting feeling
App Store.png

The logo was created using Adobe Illustrator and is meant to represent a minimalistic, clean logo resembling an abstract ‘S’. The idea behind the two shapes creating the ‘S’ was to give the illusion that two abstract shapes were coming together to form one cohesive figure for the logo.

In terms of the color palette, Stretch as a concept is meant to be warm and inviting, so this is represented through the colors in the branding. The primary color used throughout the app is a dynamic shade of red-orange, which is meant to evoke an energetic feeling to the user and guide them through the app with carefully-designed branding.


Above are some of the cards seen throughout the app. The skinny condensed version allows for many items to be seen on screen at once, while the large version allows for more detail on a specific event. The tall card was useful for the ‘trending near you’ category and other instances throughout the app.


Onboarding/Discover: ​

The onboarding process was meant to make the user more comfortable with trying these new experiences and sharing them with friends. Each event page is complete with a unique description on the event and some background information to get the user more comfortable with attending.

Tickets/Messaging: ​

The tickets page shows the user a complete list of future events, both free and tickets that they paid for. The payment process is meant to be efficient, as the user can save payment information for faster purchasing the next time they buy tickets for an event. The messaging feature allows the user to share interesting events with their friends, or share tickets with them that they have purchased.